The probable winners for three of the four Kodiak City Council and Kodiak Island Borough Assembly seats up for grabs during Tuesday’s election have been determined.

Scott Smiley and James Turner have substantial leads in preliminary election results for the two open seats on the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. Smiley had received 783 votes and Turner had received 737 votes as of late Tuesday night.

Richard Walker is leading in the race for one of two open seats on the Kodiak City Council with 317 votes, based on preliminary results released late Tuesday. If that lead continues, he will be re-elected to the City Council for his fourth term.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the results,” Walker said. “I am happy to be back working on the City Council for another three years.”


The race for the other City Council seat is too close to call. Terry Haines, who has served on the council for one term, received 266 votes and newcomer Tracy Craig has received 252 votes.

None of the election results will be official until Oct. 13, after absentee ballots are counted.

“You never know [who will win],” Haines told KDM. “[Especially since] there is such a low percentage of people who actually turn out to vote.”

Craig was less than confident about her chances when contacted by KDM Wednesday morning.

“I’m new to the game,” Craig said. “Terry and Rich have obviously been here for far longer than me. I knew it was tough… [but] I am glad that so many people voted for me.”

There were also 11 write-in ballots for the City Council race.

Mayor Pat Branson, who ran unopposed for the office of city mayor, received 410 votes.

It appears that voters are going to let Smiley return to the Assembly. He has served in that capacity before but is not currently a member.

“I think that’s a good win,” Smiley told KDM. “I don’t know if I was expecting that. I was worried that Turner would not beat (Dennis) Simmons. I really enjoy working with Turner; I think he has good ideas.”

Turner was also surprised by the outcome.

“I’m happy that we had so many people voting this time,” Turner told KDM. “It wasn’t everybody, [but] it was better than expected [and] I’m glad that we had five people running.”

Behind Smiley and Turner is Symmons, who is currently in the Assembly. He has 398 votes. Newcomers Sara Sundsten received 247 of the tallied votes so far and Erik Sundsten got 111.

There were 30 write-in ballots, which have not been credited toward any person yet.


In other results from Tuesday night, Paul VanDyke and John Parker are in the lead for the two available seats in the FIre Protection Area, with 345 and 334 votes, respectively. Scott Arndt, who is currently on the board, has 251 votes so far.

Paul Hansen and Jay Baldwin were the only candidates running for Service Area No. 1 board seats. Baldwin received 363 of the preliminary votes while Hansen got 347 votes.

David Johnson and Judy Carstens are the probable victors in the School Board election. Johnson received 846 votes and Carstens 851 votes. Tammy Holforty ran as a write-in candidate. There were 337 write-ins votes, but they may not all have been for her.

Ouzinkie’s votes will be counted on Oct. 13, along with the absentee ballots. The villages typically record their election results and call them into the Clerk’s office. Because of a miscommunication, Ouzinkie’s ballots were sealed and sent over before anyone recorded the election results, according to the Borough Clerk Alise Rice.


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