Evan P. Nicolai, a monk associated with the Russian Orthodox Church, turned himself into the Kodiak Police Department on Oct. 2, confessing that he molested an 8 year old boy, according to the Alaska Department of Law.

He faces up to 99 years of imprisonment if convicted, according to the Department of Law.

Nicolai was with the boy’s father and a priest from Kodiak Russian Orthodox Church when he went into the police station, according to a complaint filed by the District Court for the State of Alaska Third Judicial District at Kodiak. Nicolai allegedly molested the boy multiple times over the course of several months, the complaint stated. The last of these incidents allegedly occurred on Oct. 1, according to the complaint.

Nicolai was being permitted to live in housing provided by the Russian Orthodox Church at the time of the alleged abuse, according to the Department of Law.

There will be a preliminary hearing on Oct. 13.

The Kodiak Public Defender Agency could not be reached for comment.

Nicolai is in jail with a court ordered bond totaling $50,000 in cash that must be posted prior to his release.

The orders and conditions of release, as stated in the complaint, include the following: the defendant must be supervised by a Pretrial Enforcement Division officer during the pretrial period and is obliged to follow all of that officer’s instructions; the defendant would remain in custody until a monitor is attached; the defendant is prohibited from access to seminary property, the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Terminal, Kodiak State Airport Terminal and the alleged victim’s residence; the defendant also is not be allowed to directly contact the alleged victim or his family.

If anyone has information about this case, about other potential victims, or has knowledge that may aid in this investigation, please contact Kodiak Det. Sgt. Kathleen Gambling at kgambling@city.kodiak.ak.us or (907) 486-8000.

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