Eric Berggren persevered through gale-force winds to win the final rimfire rifle match of the season on Sept. 12 at Salonie Creek Rifle Range. 

Berggren scored 394 points and 23 bullseyes to top a seven-shooter field for his sixth rimfire victory of the season. 

“Despite the wind, it was a great event, and we enjoyed each other’s company, and have even grown to have a group of onlookers, who have come out to watch the tournaments,” organizer Michael Kerwood wrote in an email. “Congratulations to the entire field of marksman for willing to endure the challenges of the wind, and having the courage to compete in front of their peers. Hopefully those who chose only to witness the fun decide to compete with us next year.”

Kerwood explained that since rimfire ammunition is 1/3rd the velocity of ceterfire rounds, the targets are set closer, and the wind impacts their trajectory more. 

“Despite having targets set at 50 yards for the first half of the tournament and at 100 yards for the second half, the winds would be able to move the bullet from it’s intended flight path by feet, not just inches. This includes vertical dispersion,as well as expected large horizontal distances, especially at the 100-yard targets,” Kerwood wrote.  

Swaying targets also made it more challenging to post perfect scores. 

“I’d fixed my target base down with no less than eight tent pegs and parachute cord, yet the top of the frame swung to and fro in the strongest gust. It created motion sickness watching it through my 36 power target scope,” Kerwood wrote. 

Kerwood noted that Velma Vining posted wins in both rimfire and ceterfire matches this season, while Bob White and Jason Humphries earned centerfire victories this season. In addition, Ryan Kitka and John Swinko were within one point of the leader in multiple shoots. 

Andy Finke has invested less money in his rifles, equipment, and ammunition, but his scores are always within a few points from the leaders. Kerwood said Finke uses the knowledge he gains from competition in the hunter safety and special weapon classes he teaches.  



1. Erik Berggren, 394 (23 bullseyes); 2. Ryan Kitka, 393 (16); 3. Velma Vining, 392 (17); 4. Bob White, 391 (19); 5. Jason Humphries, 391 (18); 6. Mike Kerwood, 390 (20); 7. Andy Finke, 377 (12).

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