Torrin Mickelson went to Wasilla over the weekend and returned to The Rock with a lot of bling. 

The Kodiak youngster captured wrestling’s triple crown at the Alaska USA State Championships at the Menard Sports Center. He collected gold medals in freestyle, folkstyle and Greco Roman to pace the Kodiak Kid Wrestling Club at the three-day tournament. 

And he accomplished the feat by crushing in the 10-and-under division. Mickelson sported a sparkling 14-0 record, with nine matches ending with a pin and the other six by technical fall.  

Mickelson wasn’t the only Kodiak kid returning with gold. Elijah Coe (10U, 84 pounds), Braelyn Troxell (14U girl, 119), Olivia Troxell (junior girl, 122) and Ariadna Sorto-Chicas (16U, 200) all took first place in freestyle. 

Braelyn Troxell and Elijah Coe won all seven of their matches, while Olivia Troxell and Ariadna Sorto-Chicas were victorious in their only match.  

Olivia Troxell was also awarded first for being the only competitor in her folkstyle and Greco bracket.


Other Kodiak results


Second place — Colby Roberts (12U 117); Sienna Mickelson (14U girl 119); Kavik Skonberg (14U 187); Megan Cornett (16U girl 106); Charlie Lester (12U 102)

Third place — Braelyn Troxell (14U girl 119) 

Fourth place — Elijah Coe (10U 84); Clara Costello (10U girls 70); Leland Stromberg (12U 78); Gavin Bean (14U 110); Damon May (16U 114)

Fifth place — Evan Cruz (14U 250) 

Sixth place — Luke Jr Lester (14U 87); Owen Button (10U 93); Neal Skonberg Jr (12U 82) 

Did not place — Carl Bravo, Lincoln Roberts, Kilian Christiansen, Liam Costello, Ian Randolph.



Second place — Colby Roberts (12U 117); Kavik Skonberg (14U 187); Braelyn Troxell (14U girl 119); Megan Cornett (16U girl 106) 

Third place — Clara Costello (10U girls 70);  Sienna Mickelson (14U girl 119); Elijah Coe (10U 84); Evan Cruz (14U 250) 

Fourth place — Owen Button (10U 93); Leland Stromberg (12U 78);  

Fifth place — Damon May (16U 114) 

Did not place — Gavin Bean, Carl Bravo, Kilian Christiansen, Liam Costello, Lincoln Roberts, Ian Randolph, Charlie Lester.



Second place — Megan Cornett (16U girl 106); Clara Costello (10U girl 65); Kavik Skonberg (14U 187)

Third place — Colby Roberts (12U 117); Leland Stromberg (12U 78); Sienna Mickelson (14U girl 119)

Fourth place — Emberlee Mickelson (8U girl 70); Gavin Bean (14U 110)

Fifth place — Damon May (16U 114)

Sixth place — Owen Button (10U 93); Evan Cruz (14U 250). 

Did dot place — Carl Bravo, Lincoln Roberts, Ian Randolph, Luke Jr Lester, Charlie Lester, Liam Costello, Kilian Christiansen.


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