The Kodiak Daily Mirror has devoted readers.

I’ve known that since I arrived on the island in 2006, but the message was driven home the past two weeks. 

How is that, you ask? 

Since Christmas and New Years fell on Saturdays, we didn’t print papers the past two Mondays. 

I placed a notice on the front page of the Dec. 24 and Dec. 31 editions stating that there would not be papers on Mondays so KDM staff could observe the holidays. 

Apparently, the bottom of the front page was not the best spot for the notice.

Staff — and by staff, I mean Lady Human and myself — fielded phone call after phone call from customers telling us they never received a Monday paper. 

One reader even went as far as asking the Kodiak Police Department to do a welfare check on the building, which it did. 

I received that call on Monday while putting together Tuesday’s paper. 

I wondered what I had done when the voice on the other side of my cell phone was a lady from the KPD.

The dispatcher said a customer’s calls to the KDM were not being answered. And when they went to the building, the lights were off, even though the sign on the door said we should have been open.

I assured the dispatcher that everything was fine. 

At that moment, I realized that reading the Daily Mirror is an everyday routine for readers. They miss it when it isn’t there. 

I appreciate all the loyal readers we have. Thank you for your support in 2021 — the critters in the Clarkston Zoo appreciate it even more as you help pay for their treats. 

My challenge for you in 2022: Get a friend to subscribe. 



We made it to the final week of the NFL regular season.

Playoff spots and seeding will be on the line in the first Week 18 in NFL history. 

Even though the Seahawks have nothing to play for, it should be an exciting Saturday and Sunday. 

I heated up in Week 17, posting a 13-3 record that upped my season total to 165-85 (97.2 percentile on ESPN’s Pigskin Pick ‘em game). 

Let’s see if I can keep that pace going in Week 18, which is always tricky to pick as some teams will rest starters in preparation for the playoffs.  


Kansas City (11-5) over Denver (7-9)

Dallas (11-5) over Philadelphia (9-7)

Cleveland (7-9) over Cincinnati (10-6)

Green Bay (13-3) over Detroit (2-13-1)

Minnesota (7-9) over Chicago (6-10)

Washington (6-10) over N.Y. Giants (4-12)

Indianapolis (9-7) over Jacksonville (2-14)

Pittsburgh (8-7-1) over Baltimore (8-8)

Tennesse (11-5) over Houston (4-12)

Atlanta (7-9) over New Orleans (8-8)

Buffalo (10-6) over N.Y. Jets (4-12)

New England (10-6) over Miami (8-8)

Tampa Bay (12-4) over Carolina (5-11)

San Francisco (9-7) over L.A. Rams (12-4)

Arizona (11-5) over Seattle (6-10)



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