Kodiak landed seven players on the Railbelt all-conference football teams that were announced earlier this week. 

Senior defensive back Chancen Rombawa was the Bears’ only first-teamer. He was also an honorable mention long snapper. 

Senior offensive guard Jho Halter Bigornia and junior inside linebacker Wyatt Buck earned second-team honors. 

Seniors Joren Valdez (running back), Mycus Fernandez (center),  junior John Michael Ticman (wide receiver) and freshman Frank Dorner (defensive line) were all honorable mentions. 

Railbelt champion Lathrop won four of the five major awards — quarterback Jarren Little (offensive player of the year), inside linebacker James Opp (defensive player of the year), Wyatt Nelson (lineman of the year) and Luke Balash (coach of the year). North Pole’s Christopher Wentland was the assistant coach of the year. 


Railbelt all-conference 


Offensive player of the year — Jarren Littell, Lathrop

Defensive player of the year — James Opp, Lathrop

Lineman of the year — Wyatt Nelson, Lathrop

Assistant coach of the year — Christopher Wentland, North Pole

Coach of the year — Luke Balash, Lathrop



First team 

Quarterback — Jarren Littell, Lathrop. Running back — Nic Clark, North Pole; Tyler Clooten, Lathrop. Wide receiver — Kaden Bostwick, North Pole; Dean Silva, Lathrop. Tight end — Gabriel Hollett, North Pole. Full back — James Opp, Lathrop. Tackle — Justice Nelson, Lathrop; Ashton Edwin, North Pole. Guard — Rick Davidge, Lathrop; Cody Webb, Lathrop. Center — Wyatt Nelson, Lathrop. 


Second team 

Quarterback — Devon Clark, North Pole. Running back — Camren Hyson, North Pole; Kobe Amio, West Valley. Wide receiver — Josh Dutra, North Pole; Collin Drumhiller, North Pole. Tight end — Keegan Laughlin, Lathrop; Full back — Kody Helms, West Valley. Tackle — Wayne Snowden, Lathrop; McKinley Rhoades, North Pole. Guard — Daniel Conley, North Pole; Jho Halter Bigornia, Kodiak. Center — Ryley Roos, North Pole. 


Honorable mention

Running back — Andre’ Williams, Lathrop; Joren Valdez, Kodiak. Wide receiver — John Michael Ticman, Kodiak; Eddie Coleman, Lathrop; Kalvyn Bandith, Lathrop. Full back — Allan Samuel, Lathrop. Guard — Ethan Frollo, North Pole. Center — Mycus Fernandez, Kodiak; Cade Butler, West Valley. 



First team

Defensive line — Gabriel Hollett, North Pole; Wyatt Nelson, Lathrop; Justice Nelson, Lathrop; Wayne Snowden, Lathrop. Inside linebacker — James Opp, Lathrop; Keegan Laughlin, Lathrop; Nic Clark, North Pole. Outside linebacker — Kaden Bostwick, North Pole; Tyler Clooten, Lathrop. Defensive back — Devon Clark, North Pole; Chancen Rombawa, Kodiak; Kobe Amio, West Valley; Peyton George, Lathrop. 


Second team

Defensive line — Daniel Conley, North Pole; Ashton Edwin, North Pole; Cade Butler, West Valley; Cody Webb, Lathrop. Inside linebacker — Logen Bellmay, North Pole; Wyatt Buck, Kodiak. Outside linebacker — Via Skipps, North Pole; Dean Silva, Lathrop. Defensive back — Korbin Wallace, North Pole; Camren Hyson, North Pole. Kayne Clayton, Lathrop; Earl Parker, Lathrop. 


Honorable mention

Defensive line — Frank Dorner, Kodiak. Defensive back — Reece Walters, North Pole; Andre’ Williams, Lathrop. 


Special teams

First team

Kicker — Jarren Littell, Lathrop. Punter — Keegan Laughlin, Lathrop. Return specialist — Peyton George, Lathrop. Long snapper — Kaden Bostwick, North Pole. 


Second team

Kicker — Caden Lindhag, North Pole. Punter — Devon Clark, North Pole. Return specialist — Collin Drumhiller, North Pole. Long snapper — James Opp, Lathrop. 


Honorable mention

Long snapper — Chancen Rombawa, Kodiak. 


Utility player

First team

Elijah Deans, Lathrop. 

Second team

Will Lowery-Sims,. West Valley.  

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