Forgive me. My column last week failed to mention dogs. That will not happen again. 

The first two dogs that Lady Human and I have welcomed into the Clarkston Zoo together both gravitated towards me. 

Why wouldn’t they?  I’m the one who gives them food off my plate, lets them slurp from mud puddles and leaves the television on a sports channel when no human is in the apartment.

Cody James is a different beast. The japeke — a mix between a Japanese chin and a Pekingese — that joined the family nearly two years ago loves his momma. 

I don’t dare pick him up when he is near Lady Human. I’ve learned my lesson. I value the digits on my hand too much.

Cody is at his worst in the morning or in the late evening. He does not budge from his resting spot. I’ve been tricked by the comfort in his face and have nearly had my hand bit off. When Lady Human gets him out of bed. Nothing. 

He has grown so attached to her that he will not go on walks without her when she is home. Since Lady Human sleeps in on the weekends — I don’t blame her as she has to be at work earlier than I do — I walk the dogs solo. It’s a fight to get Cody going. Most weekend-morning walks start with me carrying Cody up the driveway and down the road. 

I’ve been stopped a few times by curious neighbors inquiring why I’m carrying a dog while the other dog — Pepper Jack — is enjoying the morning smells and emptying his bladder. My answer: Cody is a momma’s boy.

He does not need jump started on weekday walks when mom is at work. Go figure.

Speaking of jump starts, the Seahawks were charged for their first game of the season. With most national media critics saying Seattle will miss the playoffs, all it did was dominate the Colts — a playoff team from a year ago. 

Russell Wilson spread the ball around, tossing touchdowns to Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf and Gerald Everett in displaying the offensive scheme that new coordinator Shane Waldron brought with him from L.A. 

And how about those Rams? Matthew Stafford looked great in his new digs. Heck, the NFC West looked tremendous, going 4-0 in Week 1.

There were a few surprises from the opening weekend. Are the Raiders for real? Is Derrick Henry and the Titans done? Was that really the Green Bay Packers playing the Saints? 

I enjoyed this fact from Week 1: All five rookie quarterbacks drafted in the first round scored a touchdown. Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars), Zach Wilson (Jets) and Mac Jones (Patriots) all started. Justin Fields (Bears) and Trey Lance (49ers) played a few snaps. I expect Fields and Lance will be starting at some point this season. Fields sooner than Lance.

Here is my fantasy football tip of the week: If Fields is available in your redraft league, grab him now. On ESPN’s platform, he is rostered in only 48.8% of leagues, while on Yahoo, he is on 51% of rosters. 

With all of the uncertainty of Week 1, I posted a 9-7 record. I’ll take it. However, that was only good enough to be in the 84th percentile in the ESPN Pigskin Pick’em game.

Let’s see if I can move up the standings in Week 2. If I don’t, I will have Cody James to deal with. 


Washington (0-1) over. N.Y. Giants (0-1)

Chicago (0-1) over Cincinnati (1-0)

Cleveland (1-0) over Houston (1-0)

L.A. Rams (1-0) over Indianapolis (0-1)

Buffalo (0-1) over Miami (1-0)

New England (0-1) over N.Y. Jets (0-1)

Philadelphia (1-0) over San Francisco (1-0)

Pittsburgh (0-1) over Las Vegas (1-0)

New Orleans (1-0) over Carolina (1-0)

Denver (1-0) over Jacksonville (0-1)

Arizona (1-0) over Minnesota (0-1)

Tampa Bay (1-0) over Atlanta (0-1)

Dallas (1-0) over L.A. Chargers (1-0)

Seattle (1-0) over Tennessee (0-1) 

Kansas City (1-0) over Baltimore (0-1)

Green Bay (0-1) over Detroit (0-1) 


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