Shooters endured wet conditions at the final centerfire match of the season Sept. 5 at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range. 

Organizer Mike Kerwood netted 249 points to win both relays. 

In an email to the Daily Mirror, he advised shooters to not place their wet firearm into a plastic case to clean later. 

“Guaranteed you will find your treasured investment aged beyond its years and possibly rusted shut,” he wrote. “This guarantee is assured if it`s the last match of the year or the last hunt of the season, and you open it up months later.”

Kerwood said he spends extra time cleaning his equipment, even if that means leaving it out to dry for 24 hours to ensure all moisture is gone. In addition, he said he coats the bore of the barrel with Kano Kroil penetrating oil. He also noted that firearms could rust in sealed gun safes unless it has a de-humidifier rod or a light that remains on. 

“Our target rifles are a bigger cost than most hunting rifles and not designed to be weather resistant, like hunting guns,” Kerwood wrote. “However, both are subject to the laws of chemistry. High dew points, water and saltwater, are the big components to producing rust and having nature reclaim your metal firearm.”

Kerwood said the rain made it even tougher to hit the bullseye. 

“Doing that at 200 yards is almost impossible to do while looking through the mist, let alone at a wet target that`s soggy and turned more brown in color, without the normal contrast,” he wrote. 

Kerwood said every shooter improved throughout the season. 



First relay

1. Mike Kerwood, 249 (5 bullseyes); 2. John Swinko, 248 (3); 3. Velma Vining, 244 (2); 4. Erik Berggren, 242 (5); 5. Bob White, 242 (4). 

Second relay

1. Michael Kerwood, 249 (13); 2. Velma Vining, 249 (8); 3. John Swinko, 248 (8); 4. Bob White, 247 (4); 5. Erik Berggren, 140 (0).

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