To the editor:  Marion Owen was spot on in her letter to the editor when she wrote that it’s a matter of training if we want to solve the “bear problem.” 

I live next to the dumpster where three bears were shot in the course of five days.  It was no coincidence that all the bears were at that dumpster.  Since last summer the bears had found an easy source of food there because people were careless in how they discarded their trash.  The dumpsters are bear-proof only if all trash is inside the dumpster and the doors are locked. We need to be trained to make sure the door is locked.  

Being “bear aware” means being trained to take the extra minutes to use another door if the first one is full or to find another dumpster. Until we train ourselves to handle trash properly, the “bear problem” will continue to be a “people problem.”

Pat Szabo

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