Our government was set up to serve the people in as objective a way as could be conceived by the founders. 

Checks and balances of the three divisions: Executive, Judicial and the BiCameral Congressional  departments were put in place to prevent the undue power, or tyranny, of any one division.  The tyranny of the majority over the minorities was guarded against by guaranteeing that each state have two senators, while seats in the House of Representatives were based on population.  

Similar to the concept of equal power in the Senate was the Electoral College, set up to avoid the huge urban populations dominating the rural areas.  

Ballot harvesting, proxy voting,and mail-in voting should not be allowed. They invite fraud.

Government was designed to function as a referee in issues between individuals or groups of citizens.

A limited and restricted bureaucracy is a necessary evil to administer the every day operations of government.  Unfortunately, due to human nature, bureaucracies all strive for more power, influence and perpetuity. It is the duty of all of the three divisions of government to oversee and limit the power of the many bureaucracies.

Always a danger, imbalances do occur, and once in place, are difficult to overcome. Such is the nature of a representative republic.

Today we see increasingly extreme partisanship in the two dominant political parties.  Too many participants focus on their party loyalties and goals, rather than the overall welfare of the nation.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wields extreme power, stifling the will of many her party members from pursuing the nation’s best interests. She openly shows juvenile petulance.

News media describe looting, arson and other violence as “mostly peaceful” civil protests. Most Americans’ visual acuity refutes the claims of “civil” disobedience.

Crimes should never be ignored, all perpetrators should be arrested by authorities. Looters, arsonists and those who assault others should be locked up.

National government and mainstream news have jumped the fence.  They has gone feral.

      Jake Jacobson

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