Alaska’s “lawmakers” start in again next week. What evils, cunning tricks, etc. should we expect this time?  

Given the long history of corruption and kowtowing to BigOil, we should keep focused on events way down there in hidden-away Juneau.

In 2009, Alaska Legislators referred to themselves as the “Corrupt Bastards Club.” From 2003 to 2010 a widespread investigation by  the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Internal Revenue Service into political corruption of nine current or former Alaskan state lawmakers led to multiple search warrants investigating illegal gifts to law makers — six Alaska Legislators were indicted and several were sentenced to prison for terms of five months to six years.

But things did not significantly improve. A prevalent criminal odor lingers in the capital halls and fog-filled conference rooms.

Gov. Sarah Palin’s team brought us Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share, which boosted Alaska’s economy, but did not deter spending on projects, like the Anchorage LIO, Susitna Dam, Juneau Road, Ambler Road, the LNG Pipe Dream, and many other expensive, wasteful fiascos.

Gov. Sean Parnell — to lower taxes on BigOil — got SB21 passed in 2014 delivering $2 billion in lower taxes to BigOil, while Alaska got a massive deficit.

BigOil profits by $26/barrel shipped from Alaska. Their next best field yields $11/barrel. Alaska receives between $2 and $3 per barrel. We need a better cut!

Gov. Bill Walker’s seizures took half of everyone’s PFD in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The Legislature carried on with his seizure fit in 2019. Confiscating more PFDs to pay for government in 2020 looms. Blame SB21 and our inequitable profits from oil.

Alaska funds the Ambler Road — $17 million in the past two years, and ex-Gov. Parnell — yes, that guy — leads the LNG Pipe Dream debacle, which so far has spent $746 million dollars — which should have been used for PFDs. What good did those mega-millions do for ordinary Alaskans — except contractors and consultants ?

This is not a sleazy movie. This is real.  Why do Alaskans put up with it?

Jake Jacobson

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