We congratulate Gov. Dunleavy and our new Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom on their election. That gives them, and a new Legislature, the right to craft solutions to the state’s problems, not us. We wish them strength as they address major education, mental health, affordable housing and childcare problems people face across this state.

From over a year of conversations with people of all walks of life across Alaska, we heard concerns and solutions we’ll share. Many of the concerns and problems we heard most loudly are shared across the state. That will hopefully build consensus for action.

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Thank you for the thoughtful letter. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that biggest voting block in Alaska, Anchorage/Matsu doesn’t really care. Their dividend seems to be the driving force behind their vote, not educating our kids or helping mentally impaired or addicted people, their children or anyone else struggling. We pay, one way or another.

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