Things seem to get crazier by the day.  The liberals - they tarnished that name so badly, now they want to be called “progressives.” A more phony misnomer could not be dreamed up. I refuse to use the term.  

Liberals detest President Trump. They reacted to his election in 2016 like a gang of petulant adolescents, subjecting our country to a three-year long tantrum, spurred on by the “squad”, including one obnoxious muslim.  The Russian investigation showed no wrong doing, nor did the howls of misdealing in the Ukraine, culminated in a never before seen impeachment process devoid of objectivity, civility, decorum or impartiality.

Just think — after Hiliary Clinton’s sale of 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia — who do you think Putin would rather deal with — hard nosed, nationalist Trump, or Hiliary — the compromised globalist?

In spite of former Vice President Joe Biden’s bragging about his threats to withhold U.S. aid to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son, the Congressional liberals are accusing President Trump of extorting information on Burisma.  As the U.S. is sending $Millions to the Ukraine in aid — it was his duty to investigate.

Liberals have traditionally pushed our country into an ever deepening socialist quagmire, obviating personal responsibility and making people more dependent on the amorphous, seemingly unalterable forces of big government.  To aid in this nefarious endeavor, liberals foster disrespect for police, disregard for civility and selective freedom of speech at schools and universities. 

President Trump has begun to reverse the leftist, globalist stampede, which has thrown liberals into their petulant panic. 

Considering President Trump’s success in quieting North Korea, Iran and other dangerous regimes and his success in the American economic sectors, I have faith that most Americans will use common sense to stand with this president and restore the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, as they retain the Senate majority.

Enough of this liberal nonsense!

Jake Jacobson

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Name calling

It’s disgusting

Because the president calls people names

For some reason it gives you the right to call people names

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