I would like to take a moment to shine a different perspective to what is going on with those trying to destroy our country and a way of life that has worked just fine for better than 200 years. After a couple of decades as a police officer both in Kodiak and other places, I learned how vindictive people without honesty can be.

How they can say and do some really bad things to retaliate or bring discredit to the person who has either arrested or done something that has brought light to their illegal activities. I hear the BLATHER like the response to truths out there that Jake and others speak of. Say like five years ago or so I spoke at a city council meeting about the drastic population decline in Kodiak because of the way the city council does business.  I am publicly chastised by the council and along with a certain someone putting the blather out there about Jake or telling me to get my facts straight. Shortly after that and every year since including recently the facts and statistics speak for themselves and are published in the Mirror and other places.

Kodiak’s population has been declining for seven years according to the Mirror recently. Village schools have closed due to lack of students.

Recently, lifelong friends of many of us moved away from Kodiak because they were fed up with things like the city council working on another mega-million-dollar build like a new fire department while major repairs are needed in the boat harbor. These are well known and published facts.

Neal Cooper

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