The question was posed from a member of the Board of Fisheries this week to a member of the public, paraphrased: I keep hearing keep the politics out of our fisheries, so what does that mean to you, because I don’t understand what that means at this meeting.

It was an intriguing exchange. Recall when then Gov. candidate Mike Dunleavy refused to show up in Kodiak for the longstanding fisheries debate? Remember when the Governor cleaned house, replacing three Board of Fish members — I certainly do. That’s where the politics lie. At the time, the Governor’s actions seemed extreme to me, but the tall one gets to pick members to serve on the board based on their knowledge in the field and good judgment (that aligns with his). By all indications from my perspective the qualified judgment for being on the board and also the commissioner, required that they go through a major campaign contributor well known in my neck of the woods for exercising undue influence.

The politics were applied well before the board met in Kodiak.

If you’re feeling aggrieved, the courts are always available recourse and part of the process, albeit expensive and without any certainty. There is another option rarely afforded, but more than likely will soon be available, and that is a recall. Prepare to exercise your political rights.


Robert Ruffner


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