To the Editor: I am extremely angry and disappointed with our police department for the way they handled the killing of the third bear on Selief Lane.  I live on Selief right where the dumpster is.

I do not approve of shooting bears, as most of the problems we have with bears revolve around humans and their selfish, lazy behavior. Actions such as not latching the dumpster doors closed when they are through using them, or leaving their trash bags on the ground. I see McDonald’s bags and Starbucks cups in the road all the time. And then these imbeciles wonder why bears come around.

You don’t shoot an animal and let it run off to suffer in the woods for 12 hours before someone finally comes to look for it and put it down.  If you’re going to kill a bear, do it right.  That means following the animal and making sure it’s dead.  

And if you are going to leave a wounded half-ton animal running around, it might be a good idea to issue a Nixle alert about it. I consider a wounded bear to be more serious than moving cars for snow plowing.

The Borough Assembly is also at fault here in a very big way. How can they possibly think it’s okay to live in a lawless community with no rules and no enforcement? When on earth are they going to wake up and implement the UMOT (Uniform Table of Minor Offenses) so that they can start fining the people who create these bear problems?  

This is so low and shameful. Here’s looking at you, KPD. Here’s looking at you, Borough Assembly.

Lisa Zeimer

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