Sullivan, Young secure wins

Gary Stevens

Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young both appear to have won reelection after the Alaska Department of Elections released new ballot counts just before 11 p.m. on Tuesday. 

President Donald Trump is also poised to win Alaska’s three electoral college votes. 

The Associated Press has called all three races in favor of the incumbent Republicans. 

District P Sen. Gary Stevens still holds a decisive lead over Greg Madden. 

Alaska election law says that the state must wait seven days after the election to start counting absentee ballots. This year, with a huge number of voters using absentee ballots, that rule has delayed results for the election. 

There were more than 150,000 absentee ballots to count, and the department tallied about 70,000 of them on Tuesday. Only a handful were counted in Kodiak, with election department numbers showing 4,066 votes in Kodiak’s House District 32 compared to 4,022 immediately after Election Day. 

With Tuesday’s release, Sullivan established a 20-point lead over Gross, winning 57% of the vote to Gross’ 37%. Sullivan has 149,969 votes, while Gross has 97,608. 

That’s tighter than the race was after election night, when the disparity was 63% to 31%. But it hasn’t tightened enough to prevent most national news outlets, such as AP, from calling the race in Sullivan’s favor. 

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