Kodiak High School teacher Eric J. Flerchinger, 52, has been charged with a Class C felony after allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars from Kodiak Bible Chapel that were given as tithes and offerings, according to a complaint filed by the State of Alaska on Jan. 4.

Flerchinger told Alaska State Troopers that twice a month since last June he had been taking money from Sunday morning collections, court documents reported. Flerchinger did not keep a record of how much money he took, but he estimated that he took a total of $830 between Nov. 24 and Dec. 19, according to court documents. 

Kodiak Bible Chapel suspected that someone was dipping into its tithes and offerings because donations had noticeably decreased during the time in question, according to court documents.

In response to that, the church installed security cameras and reached out to Alaska State Troopers, court documents stated. 

Flerchinger, who was one of the head ushers at Kodiak Bible Chapel, was allegedly seen on a surveillance camera taking money from donation pouches in the church’s office on Dec. 19, according to court documents.

The next day, Flerchinger confessed to pocketing the tithes, according to the documents. 

As a head usher, Flerchinger was in charge of collecting donations, according to court documents. 

Flerchinger’s case is being handled by the Alaska Department of Law’s Office of Special Prosecutions. The Office of Special Prosecutions had not set a hearing date as of Thursday, according to Aaron Sadler, the Department of Law’s communication director. 

Both Flerchinger and the Kodiak Island Borough School District declined to comment for this story.

The maximum penalty for a Class C felony is five years imprisonment. 






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