First baby

Courtesy of Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center

Parents Katrina Ashouwak and Byran Alexanderoff welcome Kendall Rose Ahsouwak to the family. 

Kendall Rose Ashouwak will always be a footnote in the history books of Kodiak Island. 

Ashouwak became Kodiak Island’s first baby of 2022 when she was born at 2:35 a.m. Jan. 4 at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center to parents Katrina Ashouwak and Byran Alexanderoff.

Kendall’s mother wasn’t expecting to give birth to the island’s first baby of 2022 since it was four days after the new year. Kendall was due Jan. 3. 

“I was very shocked when they told me she was the first baby,” Katrina said.

Kendall is not the latest first baby born on The Rock. The island’s first baby of 2019 was born on Jan. 20. 

Kendall arrived weighing 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and measuring 19.5 inches long. Katrina said Kendall hasn’t found her crying voice yet and has been a “good baby.” 

“She sleeps a lot still — only wakes up for feedings,” Katrina said.

Kendall is the couple’s third child but the first girl. Kendall’s big brothers are Braden Alexanderoff, 5, and Damien Ashouwak, 2. 

Katrina has been waiting for a girl. It didn’t take her long into the pregnancy to pen down a name. Fittingly, both mother’s and daughter’s names start with a K. That wasn’t planned, though.  

“I’ve been liking the name Kendall ever since I found out that I was having a girl,” Katrina said. “I just really like the name. It is something new.”

Katrina and Bryan live in Old Harbor. Katrina works for the city of Old Harbor, while Byran is a commercial fisherman.

With no hospital in Old Harbor, the couple had to come to Kodiak a month before the due date. After spending the holidays here in town, the family will return to Old Harbor this week with their new child. 

“It was pretty hard this go around because we were here for Christmas and New Year’s,” Katrina said. “I flew (my boys) in here for Christmas break, and they just went home (Friday).”

Waiting for Kendall’s arrival in Old Harbor will be the family’s two dogs — Molly, a Labrador mix, and Moose, a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix puppy — and grandparents Judy and Loyd Ashouwak, and Gary Alexanderoff. Grandparent Sharon Larionoff lives in Akhiok.     


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