School board will pick school options on Monday night

A rendered image of the View scheme favored for the Kodiak High School renovation and expansion project. The black parts represent the auditorium, beige parts are the existing school and the white is new construction. (Image courtesy of KIBSD)

Final Kodiak High School renovation and expansion project design concepts are being prepped for approval, with the concept titled the View getting the most support.

The process began with five designs, and has now been whittled down to the View, with the possibility of combining design aspects of the Terrace building scheme.

The View features a four-story tower connected to the existing building near the commons. It offers a plethora of views, a small building footprint resulting in higher energy efficiency, an easily recognizable front entry, minimal circulation, a community area and elevated dining with views.

“Overall the View seemed to be where everybody felt the most comfortable, and they’re going to try and combine both concepts a little bit,” Kodiak Island Borough School District director of operations Scott Williams said. “Some of the pros of the Terrace concept are going to be tried to incorporate in the View. There are some really strong features in both they are trying to draw out.”

The Terrace design features a three-story addition connected to the existing building in approximately the same vicinity as the View.

“Some folks liked the Terrace.” Williams said. “They were going to look at taking the best of both and not making a blend but, taking some of the strengths of the Terrace and incorporate those into the View.”

Something people liked about the Terrace is that all the common space resides on one floor.

“One nice thing in the Terrace is connection between music program and the commons where you could open up a wall and have a concert without having to move the music program’s equipment,” Williams said. “In the View they looked to expand a section of the space near the music to have the commons nearby.”

There are some drawbacks with the View design, such as lack of district storage and that the design requires the most demolition out of any other design discussed.

The architectural features of the View also include a kind of skewed shape — one floor is oriented 30 degrees off another, giving the building a less traditional block look. Williams said that might change, as some people have said it “looked goofy” and they didn’t care for it.

There were also concerns of having food service on the second floor because it doesn’t present a direct line to shipping.

“The reality is right now we’re delivering food through the hallways,” Williams said. “It’s really not a big deal to deliver it to the second floor.”

A final conceptual design meeting will take place on April 11 at the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center at 6 p.m. A cost analysis and parking design options will be presented at the meeting.

“We’re trying to straighten Egan Way and make it a more defined road to have the parking lot off of it,” Williams said. “Right now Egan Way is the parking lot.”

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