James Turner

James Turner

Publisher’s note: As we do ahead of each local election, KDM gives candidates the opportunity to present information about themselves directly to our print and digital readers ahead of the Oct. 5 election. We reserve the right to edit for length, style and clarity.


Candidate: James Turner

Office: Kodiak Island Borough Assembly

Please provide a brief introduction about yourself: Married to Linette Turner. Lived in Kodiak since 2013. Previously lived in Edmonds, Wash. Born in Ventura, Calif. On the KIB Assembly 2018-Present. Kodiak College Advisory Board 2018-Present. PKIMC Advisory Council 2018-Present. OBI Seafoods Plant Manager 2014-Present. Trident Seafoods 2013-2014. American Seafoods 1995-2013. T&C Landscape 1990-1995.


Why are you running for re-election? I am running for re-election because I think there is still a lot of work to do. The Borough is facing a lot of issues that need to be addressed.


What qualifies you for this role? Nothing qualifies someone for the role of Assembly. Anyone can run to be on the Assembly. To stay on the Assembly you have to do the work. There is a lot of reading some weeks. Some investigating on your own. You can’t take everything for granted. You must understand and find what you think is true — not what someone else tells you is true.


What do you see as the biggest priorities facing the Borough? Manager replacement. Budget. Keeping the Mil Rate the same or lower if possible.


How would you like to see those priorities addressed? Find and hire a new manager, start work on the budget early and work with the manager and staff to come up with a better working plan that all parties are happy with. The last two years the way we have gone through the process left the staff out of the discussion and that was the mayor and manager’s choice. I think that caused a lot of turmoil in the staff making it look like the Assembly didn’t want their input. I think that if this work is done together the Borough might be able to see a small drop in the Mil Rate or at the very least keep it the same.


How would you define the role of the Assembly in borough government? The Assembly is the policy setting board.


How do you think the Borough should address its budget concerns? Answered above.


What areas of the budget take priority? Also, answered above.


How do you view consolidation? I don’t have a full view of what it will do for Kodiak. I think that both consolidation and annexation should be looked at. We need to find ways to save the taxpayers’ money. Is consolidation the way to go? I can’t say yet, but it does need to be looked at. Is annexation the way to go? Again, I don’t know yet. I am glad the City Council is looking at it.


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