Evan P. Nicolai, the 59-year old monk associated with the Russian Orthodox Church who is charged with sexual abuse of a minor in the second degree, had his preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

His public defender, Saritha Anjilvel, asked to enter negotiations with the court on behalf of her client. 

Because of a COVID outbreak in the Anchorage Correctional Complex where Nicolai is being held, he was not able to call in to the hearing. Anjilvel has not had the chance to speak with Nicolai. However, Nicolai has been in touch with one of her colleagues, which was why she felt comfortable proceeding to negotiations, she said at the hearing. She did not disclose who Nicolai spoke with.

Nicolai turned himself in to the Kodiak Police Department on Oct. 2, after reporting that he molested an eight-year-old boy. He arrived at the station with the child’s father and a priest from the Kodiak Russian Orthodox Church, according to a complaint filed by the District Court for the State of Alaska Third Judicial District at Kodiak.

Nicolai allegedly molested the child in his apartment multiple times over the course of months, according to the complaint. As a monk, Nicolai was permitted to live in housing provided by the Russian Orthodox Church at the time. 

Nicolai’s bond totals to $50,000 in cash and must be posted in full before he is released, according to the Alaska Department of Law.

Anjilvel did not comment on the case.

His next hearing is set for Nov. 9 at 2:30 p.m.


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