In the past week, the number of known, active COVID cases in Kodiak jumped from 90 on Sept. 10 to 168 last Friday, an increase of 86%.

A total of 23 new cases were reported on Thursday and another two last Friday, according to the Emergency Operations Center. Of those diagnosed on Thursday, 11 of them were associated with the Kodiak Island Borough School District.

Weekend numbers for the borough will not be available until Monday morning.

Health and government officials have predicted that there will be an upswing in COVID cases going into October. Last year there was a small jump as well before the larger COVID spike in early December.

Health officials expect this because hospital intake in general is typically higher around this time of year due to the start of flu season and other factors. COVID just makes the situation even worse.

Every year this season is taxing to the island’s health-care system, said Amy Corder, incident commander with Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center.

On Sept. 9, the Emergency Services Council said it was going to amend the current mask mandate so that businesses and building owners would not be responsible for enforcing the policy with their customers, but no changes had been issued as of Friday.

Off-island, hospitals are struggling to care for COVID patients. The hospitals in Anchorage, as well as in most parts of the Mainland, are at or near capacity. Earlier this month, at least two Kodiak residents had to be medevaced to the Lower 48.


As of last Friday, there were still two Kodiak people hospitalized with active COVID cases and there have been seven deaths associated with the virus locally. Those numbers did not change in the past two weeks.

As of Friday, there have been 1,834 known cases on the island. The leading cause of COVID transmission is close contact with infected people, followed by community spread, according to the Emergency Operations Center.








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