The Kodiak Emergency Operations Center announced 19 new known COVID cases yesterday. But Kodiak’s overall case count had dropped from 116 known cases on Friday — the day the mask mandate became a requirement again — to 92 active cases as of Monday.

That was the first time since Aug. 5 Kodiak has had fewer than 100 active cases on one date since late last year, according to KMXT 100.1 FM.

Even so, local businesses continue to be affected. Kodiak Hana Restaurant, for instance, has been closed for COVID-related reasons since Aug. 16. The good news: It is scheduled to reopen on Sept. 1, according to its website.

 The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce remains optimistic about what the rest of the year holds for local businesses.

 “It could have been a really [bad] year,” said Executive Director Jena Lowmaster. “But Kodiak has really bounced back.”  

Monday’s updated numbers include one case from Aug. 6 and another from Aug. 21, both of which are believed to have been tested out of state. A case from Aug. 22 was determined to have an unknown transmission cause. A case tested Wednesday was deemed to be a close contact of a previously reported case.

Ten cases tested positive on Friday, including four close-contact cases, two classified as community spread and one deemed travel-related. The other three are considered unknown transmission pending further contact tracing.

The four cases reported on Saturday were classified as close contact with another positive COVID case.

 There is currently only one person hospitalized with COVID or COVID-related symptoms in Kodiak, according to the Emergency Operations Center.

 The Kodiak Emergency Services Council issued a mask mandate for all indoor areas on Friday, including grocery and retail stores, churches, educational facilities, restaurants and bars. The mandate also instructs businesses not to admit anyone who does not wear a mask.

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