The Kodiak Island Borough will host a two-day by-appointment commercial hazardous waste disposal event Oct. 7 and Oct. 8.

The event is designed to help businesses and government agencies, according to Acting Borough Manager Dave Conrad.

“I had heard for a couple years from some fishermen that they are out fishing or getting ready when we have our ‘Spring Clean’ event,” Conrad said at a Thursday borough Assembly work session. “This is an opportunity for our fishermen if they have waste they generated over the summer.”

Businesses and governmental agencies must register with U.S. Ecology Service Contractor by Sept. 24 at 5 p.m. in order to participate. 

Conrad encouraged fishermen and other local contractors and businessmen to take advantage of the event. 

“Don’t keep that waste all winter long,” Conrad said. “Get it taken care of so we can get it off the island.”

Conrad called the event a trial run aimed squarely at businesses.

“We’ve got to try something every once in a while and see if it works,” Conrad said. 

According to the borough, the type of commercial waste to bring includes: 

• Automatic transmission fluid

• Brake fluid

• Bug sprays

• Car batteries

• Car wax

• Cutting glue

• Fiberglass epoxy

• Floor care products

• Fungicide

• Furniture polish

• Gun cleaning solvents

• Herbicide and insecticide

• Metal polish

• Paint

• Paint brush cleaner

• Photographic cleaner

• Primer

• Rodent poison

• Thinner/stripper

• Turpentine

• Used oils

• Varnish

• Wood preservative

Qualified businesses and government agencies will be charged for transportation and disposal of their hazardous waste based on the type and amount of their waste.

Costs include:

• $8/gallon for flammables, such as alcohols, solvents, toluene, xylene and paint thinners

• $1.50/gallon for used motor oil, diesel, kerosene and gasoline

• $8/gallon for paints

• $10/gallon for acids, caustics, deterrents and photo chemicals

• $1.50/gallon for antifreeze

• $9/pound for gases, non-pesticide aerosols and refrigerant cylinders 

• $20/gallon for toxins such as fertilizer, mercury, pesticides and poisons

• $7/pound for batteries

Businesses and contractors should bring the hazardous waste in the original container, or clearly label it in another container. Containers should be kept from tipping or leaking during transport. 

If the original container is leaking, it should be placed in another. Paints should be separated from other hazardous materials.

The hazardous waste disposal event won’t accept the following: ammunition, asbestos, contaminated soil, explosives, marine or road flares, petroleum-contaminated soils or radioactive waste.

To participate, contact US Ecology during regular business hours. Please identify yourself as a Kodiak Island business/government agency. Call Morgan Kuhnke at 907- 646-5070 or email at

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