Jensen Yorba Wall Architects/Dawson Construction

Rendering of the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center’s housing complex. 

Providence Alaska and Dawson Construction LLC are scheduled to break ground today on a $5.1 million housing complex.

The complex, which will have an address of 110 Bartell Ave., will have 16 housing units, according to a release from Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center. The ground-breaking ceremony is slated for 2 p.m.

“We do realize how tight housing is, and we felt the responsibility to help,” Providence Kodiak’s Senior Facilities Manager Tyler Anderson said.

There will be four two-bedroom units that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and 12 one-bedroom units in the complex. The housing units should be in-use in September 2023, Anderson said.

“Kodiak Island is an amazing place to live and work, but one of the biggest concerns from new hires is the challenge of finding a place to call home,” Karl Hertz, the chief executive officer of Providence Kodiak, said in the press release. “This housing complex will help ease the way [for] caregivers by pro- viding a temporary home until permanent accommodations become available.”

Currently, Providence Kodiak rents about 40 apartments, mostly for traveling caregivers who are only on the island for several months at a time, according to Anderson. Once the residential complex opens, the hospital will start scaling back on rentals and transition toward housing its employees in permanent housing units, he said.

Presently, Providence Kodiak has approximately 250 employees and around 50 of them are traveling workers, according to Anderson. Providence Kodiak will also start hiring permanent workers in place of traveling caregivers, he said.

In the past Providence used the land where the housing complex will be built as a prep site for other construction projects at the hospital. Some site work has been done as clean up, but construction has not yet started.

One of the things that Providence considered when creating the construction plans were ways to source material and labor sustainably, according to Anderson. Dawson Construction, which is a Washington-based company that specializes in construction in northwest Washington and Alaska, will be working with several local subcontractors on the project, including Brechan Construction LLC., Anderson said.

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