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Kodiak Police Department is investigating an attempted murder incident allegedly involving 29-year-old Robert McBee on Wednesday. McBee reported to the police station hours after an arrest warrant was issued for him Thursday.

According to an affidavit, Kodiak Police Department received a request to transport an individual to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday. Hospital security later reported the individual was in the ER with a stab wound.

The person who was stabbed told police that he was confronted outside of a friend’s residence on Purtov Street by McBee. Both men had worked on the F/V Cindria Jene for about six months and shared a cabin.

The stab victim also told officers that McBee had been fired from the ship; he admitted to throwing McBee’s possessions into a trash dumpster near the boat.

He told officers when McBee approached him along with Mattieu Sutton, McBee was angry about his possessions being thrown away. McBee then allegedly pushed the victim, who described a “wet feeling” after he fell to the ground. He stated at that point he realized he had been stabbed by what looked like a large kitchen knife without serrations.

The stab victim told officers that McBee had been a U.S. Marine but had a history of using controlled substances.

According to the affidavit, the stab wound was about a half-inch wide located on the lower rib line. Medical staff confirmed that there was internal bleeding; they insert a chest tube to drain the blood. The victim was described to be in serious and unstable condition at the time.

Officers spoke with Sutton, who confirmed that McBee had exited a Green Toyota they had parked at the scene of the incident. Sutton said he did not see McBee holding a knife but said he observed McBee pushing the stab victim.

Officers later spoke with the owner of the F/V Cindria Jene, who confirmed McBee had been employed on the boat but had disappeared two weeks prior to the Wednesday incident. He had instructed McBee’s cabinmate to collect and dispose of McBee’s property.

The ship owner also told officers that McBee would regularly wear a Ka-Bar U.S. Marine-style knife strapped to his leg.

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