Roman Marcus Meunier, 24, is charged with first degree robbery after allegedly stealing clothing from Big Ray’s and electronics from Walmart on Black Friday. 

Employees at Big Ray’s reported that on Friday morning, a man in a red sweater with RC Enterprises written on it, red sweatpants and a red bandana around his face stole a red flannel shirt with a grey hood and a grey sweatshirt, according to a criminal complaint filed by District Court for the State of Alaska Third Judicial District at Kodiak.

Shortly after this incident, the Kodiak Police Department received a call from a man who worked at Walmart reporting a theft, according to court documents. Security camera footage from Walmart captured a man wearing a red sweater with RC Enterprises on it, red sweatpants and a red bandana heading toward the exit of the store with two blue HP laptops. After an employee claimed that he confronted the person and asked to see a receipt, the individual allegedly threatened to stab the employee, the com-plaint states.

Between the two robberies, approximately $490 worth of goods were stolen: each laptop was valued at about $200, the red flannel was approximately $40 and the grey sweatshirt was valued at about $50, according to vendors’ reports to the officers, which were recorded in court documents.

Police were tipped off about Meunier by the Alaska State Troopers, who arrested Meunier on Oct. 11 for unrelated reasons, according to the court documents. Public information officers from the Alaska State Troopers could not be reached for comment.

When police first spoke with Meunier at his house, Meunier had a red bandana hanging out of his pocket, according to court documents. After noting that, the officer who responded arrested Meunier. After being shown images captured on camera from Walmart, a relative of the defendant stated that they were “95%” sure that Meunier was the man who committed the robbery, the court documents stated.

When police officers searched Meunier’s house, they found a “new looking” blue HP laptop and an HP laptop charger still in a twist tie and a red flannel with a grey hood, according to court documents. In addition to that, the officers found the same model of sweatshirt that employees at Big Ray’s said they saw the man wearing and that the man caught on Walmart’s security cameras wore, as well as red sweatpants and a double-edged dive knife, the court documents stated.

“Officers are still investigating and doing some followups for the case,” Kodiak Police Lt. Francis de la Fuente said. He is not sure when the investigation will be finished.

As of Tuesday, Meunier is in custody at the Kodiak City Jail, according to VINE. He has a performance bail set at $5,000 which needs to be paid in cash. His preliminary hearing will take place on Dec. 7. The Public Defender Agency could not be reached for comment.


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