The number of known, active cases of COVID on the island increased from 224 on Monday to 227 on Tuesday, according to data supplied by the Emergency Operations Center. 

Community spread has been accounting for an ever-higher number of COVID infections in recent weeks. There were 28 cases of COVID diagnosed on Monday, and 26 of them were caused by community spread, the EOC reported.

A total of 174 of the 210 new infections in the past seven days have been caused by community spread, according to Aaren Ellsworth, a Kodiak resident who has been independently tracking the spread of COVID locally since the start of the pandemic.

The vast majority of infections in Alaska are from the Delta variant of the coronavirus, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services found. The Delta variant is spreading 50% faster than the Alpha variant of COVID, which was the predominant strain at the start of the pandemic.

In total, there have been 2,127 known cases of COVID and seven deaths in Kodiak since the start of the pandemic. Currently, three people are hospitalized with COVID on the island, according to the Emergency Operations Center. 

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 83 hospitalizations due to COVID, the EOC reported. There is a severe shortage of hospital beds on the Mainland, which has limited the ability of people to be transferred off the island if they need higher standards of care, Amy Corder, the incident commander at the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center, recently told KDM. Since the start of the month, at least two people have been medevaced to the Lower 48.

Approximately one in six people on the island have been infected with COVID at some point during the pandemic, according to Ellsworth. Since the test positivity rate on the island is at 13%, Ellsworth estimates that there is a large number of cases that have not been reported.

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