Alaska Airlines has permanently done away with in-flight entertainment tablet rentals onboard its flights in the name of safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"In order to minimize contact between guests and crew, we've permanently removed in-flight entertainment tablet rentals onboard," the carrier stated in an update to its in-flight entertainment FAQs page.

The tablets, which came preloaded with tons of movies, TV shows, music and games, were available on Alaska's longest flights for a cost of $8 to $10 and free for first-class passengers and the airline's top loyalty program members.

Alaska passengers are still able to watch free movies and TV shows on their own devices by accessing the carrier's in-flight Wi-Fi.

In addition to working to minimize contact by eliminating shared items and cutting back on food and beverage service, airlines are requiring face masks, stepping up cleaning procedures and are even blocking seats in some cases to allow for physical distancing throughout the journey.

Alaska is even going so far as to issue yellow cards as a warning to passengers who repeatedly refuse to wear face masks on its flights.

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