Jared Griffin

Jared Griffin

Jared Griffin was appointed Thursday to be the newest member of the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly, and he will be sworn in today. He replaces the seat left vacant by Julie Kavanaugh.

“I am looking forward to helping the Assembly and representing the Borough in some of the projects that are coming up, such as finding a new manager,” Griffin said Thursday evening.

When he was being questioned by the Assembly during the interview process, Griffin said the Assembly’s No. 1 priority should be finding a good manager who can lead the borough staff.

Griffin is an associate English professor at Kodiak College and a reporter and producer for public radio station KMXT. In the past he was the former chair of the Kodiak Workforce Regional Advisory Committee and has served on the Kodiak Island Borough Consolidation Committee and the Kodiak Island Borough School District Budget Review Committee.

He will be in the Assembly for the rest of Julie Kavanaugh’s term, which lasts until the 2022 municipal election.

Kavanaugh resigned in August. She said in her resignation letter that she had “encountered new challenges” that required her attention. She serves as operations manager for her family’s commercial fishing business, and is on the Kodiak Fisheries Work Group and the School District Facilities Review Committee. She also serves on the Kodiak Advisory Committee of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Griffin is not the only new face on the Borough Assembly. Joseph Delgado was recently selected to fill the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly seat left vacant by Duane Dvorak.

Delgado has served on both Ouzinkie’s city and tribal councils and on the board of the Ouzinkie Native Corp. He also served as the village’s transportation coordinator from 2009 to 2018.

In next Tuesday’s election, another two Assembly members will be voted in from the five who are running: Sara Sundsten, Dennis Symmons, James Turner, Erik Sundsten and Scott Smiley.

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