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Innocent Pilo, mission integration manager for the hospital, blesses the new Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center signs on Aug. 31. 

People passing by or entering Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center’s parking lot will soon see new signs pointing the way to the hospital’s entrance.

The new signs, which will be lighted, are part of a network-wide effort to update Providence and Saint Joseph hospital ministry brands, according to Providence Kodiak Administrator Karl Hertz. The signs include the Providence name and a blue-and-green cross that represents the old St. Joseph health system. 

 “Providence as a system is a collection of individual hospital ministries across seven states,” Hertz said. “As the organization has grown over time and different independent clinics and hospitals have joined the system, we haven’t had time to reshuffle the brand and share a unified presence.”

Innocent Philo of Holy Resurrection Cathedral blessed the signs on Aug. 31 before they were installed.

“We’re trying to let our light shine in Kodiak,” he said.

Providence Health and Services, based in Renton, Washington, and St. Joseph Health, based in Irvine, California, merged in 2016 after a year of talks. 

The new system reorganized under the Providence flag as Providence St. Joseph, with 52 hospitals, 829 clinics and affiliated social services in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, New Mexico and Texas, according to the hospital system.

Hertz said the new branding is part of the hospital system’s mission, vision and values, and “aligns it across all 52 hospitals and seven states and some 120,000 employees.” 

“I’m quite excited by these signs going in,” Hertz said. “I feel like it’s a kind of rebirth for our ministry here on Kodiak Island. We’ve been working hard to spruce up the campus and rebuild, and to me the signs are just another example of improving the outward representation of Providence Kodiak.”

Hertz said the overall rebranding effort across the system has been a two-year project “to brand all of the hospitals.”

“It will be easier for folks to understand when they go from one hospital or clinic to another that they’re all in the same hospital system,” Hertz said. “It’s significant in Kodiak because it helps symbolize to our providers, caregivers and our community that we’re part of the Providence family. We’re not alone out there. … While we may be isolated on an island we have huge resources as part of being part of the systems.”

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