The long-time chair of the Republican Party in Kodiak stepped down Thursday to support Republican incumbent and write-in candidate U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Local real estate agent Bob Brodie had been the district chair for Kodiak’s Republicans on and off for the last 20 years, but in the upcoming Senate election he said he cannot in good faith support Republican primary winner Joe Miller.

He plans to support Murkowski, who lost to Joe Miller in the Republican primary but is staging a write-in campaign in the general election.

“I believe Sen. Murkowski has a proven track record and has represented Alaska well,” Brodie said. “I acknowledge that she lost the primary to Mr. Miller, but in my personal observation I’m not convinced he could do as good a job.”

Local party members met at Brodie’s office to discus the party’s strategy for the primary where Brodie made his announcement.

After a discussion between supporters of the two Republican candidates the group took a straw poll, Brodie said. Twelve attendees supported Miller, five supported Murkowski and one was undecided.

Vice-chair Darlene Turner will fill in as the party chair in Brodie’s absence. The party will have elections for new party leaders in the next week.

“I admire Bob (Brodie) for taking the stand he did,” Turner said. “He had to make a personal choice. He’s been the chairman for a long time and he’s done an outstanding job. We’re going to miss his leadership certainly.”

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