A Kodiak woman was arrested Sunday evening on charges of damaging another person’s vehicle following an altercation earlier that day.

According to court documents, the Kodiak Police Department received a request from Becky Pavloff, 42, to perform a welfare check on her child’s father. 

 Kodiak police officers met Pavloff at the requested location, determined to be the residence of another person. Pavloff told the officer she believed the father was staying at the location. 

The officers made contact with the resident and were informed that the person Pavloff was looking for didn’t reside there, and that the resident didn’t personally know the man.

According to court documents, Pavloff engaged in an argument with the house’s resident, ending with the resident issuing a permanent “no trespass” notice.

Pavloff was asked to leave the premises and the police officers departed. About 30 minutes later, the police station dispatch received a call from the father reporting damage to his vehicle at that previous scene.

The father reported that Pavloff had returned and “smashed out the windows of his truck.” When officers returned to the scene, they observed that the driver’s side window had been shattered, and cracks and indentations were on the windshield. 

Officers were provided with surveillance footage showing that Pavloff had stopped her vehicle in front of the truck, exited her vehicle and thrown a rock in the direction of a parked truck’s driver side.

According to the court document, the estimated cost of damage was $1,000.

Officers later located Pavloff on Spruce Cape Road. She was read her rights, which she waived and agreed to speak with law enforcement. 

Officers said she acknowledged damaging the pickup truck and was placed under arrest and taken to Kodiak City Jail.

Pavloff made her first court appearance on Monday and was released on a $750 cash performance bond, placed on pretrial supervision and ordered not to make contact with the victim or with their child unless arranged through the Office of Childhood services.

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