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Members of the Kodiak High School hockey team line up for the playing of the national anthem before the start of a game against Kenai Dec. 17 at the Baranof Park ice rink. 

Another milestone has been reached in the fundraising effort to renovate Baranof Park Recreation Center. In the past month, $360,000 went to the Friends of Baranof Park Improvements Project, bringing the amount of money allocated toward construction to $3.326 million, Friends of Baranof Park announced last week.

Friends of Baranof Park, Kodiak Hockey League and the City of Kodiak need to raise $474,000 more to reach their fundraising goal of $3.8 million, according to a news release announcing the donations. With the money, they plan to fully build walls to enclose the center, add a three-lane indoor track around the ice rink, and create restrooms, changing rooms and more storage rooms, the KDM reported. 

Sally Haldewang gave $300,000 to the project last month, according to Corey Gronn, Parks and Recreations director for the city. This was her second round of donations — Haldewang gave $250,000 to the project at an earlier point in time, Gronn said. Haldewang made the donations in honor of her late parents, Bill and Mildred Haldewang, who would have turned 100 this year.

“Bill and Mildred believed it was better to give than receive and installed that virtue in their children,” Hildewang said in the release. “They were always involved with children as their own grew. They would be thrilled to watch our little skaters have fun, work hard and grow into teens and adults that use the rink.”

In addition to Haldewang, Kodiak Area Native Association and First National Bank of Alaska also made large donations to the Baranof Park Recreation Center Improvements Project recently, Dan Ogg, a member of the Friends of Baranof Park, told KDM. 

“Recent grants, donations and especially individual contributions such as the Haldewang’s to the Baranof Park improvements indicate it is a worthwhile community project for Kodiak’s young and elderly,” Kodiak City Mayor Pat Branson said in the release. “I am so pleased with community members’ donations … which moved this project even closer to being completed.”

Sixty-eight entities, including individuals, businesses and foundations, contributed to the Friends of Baranof Park Improvements Project as of Monday, according to Gronn. Of the 68 donors, 22 were individuals not affiliated with businesses or foundations, he said. As the fundraiser enters its final leg, Gronn expects that number to increase. 

“I really appreciate all of the generosity of all donors and look forward to seeing this project complete in the near future,” Gronn said. 

The Friends of Baranof Park, Kodiak Hockey League and the City of Kodiak are hoping to begin construction early this year, according to the news release. 


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