Despite the forecast for small craft warnings on Sunday, shooters had optimal conditions for the fifth rimfire rifle match of the season at Salonie Creek Rifle Range. 

Four of the six shooters tallied a perfect 400 score, with Erik Berggren winning the tiebreaker with 36 bullseyes. Velma Vining and Mike Kerwood tied for second with 34 bullseyes, while Bob White was fourth (33 bullseyes) and Jason Humphries fourth (28). 

Humphries, a rising star in centerfire matches, shot rimfire — fraught with a different set of hurdles and amplifies bad habits — for the first time this season. 

“Still his shooting skills kept all 40 of his shots in the 10 ring at both 50 and 100 yards, an accomplishment that should be noted,” Kerwood wrote in an email. 

Kerwood, also the organizer, highlighted longtime shooter Andy Finke, who scored sixth with 394 points. Finke is a state-certified hunter safety instructor who teaches locals about hunter safety and holds primitive weapon certification classes in archery, crossbow and muzzle loader. 

“These hunter certificates are required by the State of Alaska for certain seasons, districts and special hunts,” Kerwood wrote. “There is a certain level of skill and safety considerations that have to be covered before a hunter can engage in hunts that extend beyond normal seasons, areas or weapons not normally used.”

An online hunter safety class is scheduled for Aug. 26. For more information, contact Finke at (907) 539-1957.

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