Music festival

Lions members prepare to greet people attending Warm August Nights in 2015. Daily Mirror file.

The Kodiak Lions’ annual music festival comes back, Saturday at the Kodiak Island Fairgrounds, for its 21st year.

With bands including Good Lieutenants, Joey Houck Band, White Twang and Ellamy Tiller, and Bev Cole, the Warm August Nights lineup will stretch until shortly after midnight.

“We’ve had more people raise their hand to want to sing then we actually had time scheduled for,” said Lions member Jerimiah Myers. “We’ve got some new acts that haven’t been around for awhile.”

The lineup is geared to have more family-friendly acts early on.

“Once it hits 10 or so, the tempo picks up and everyone’s dancing in their Xtratufs,” Myers said.

The annual fundraiser for the Kodiak Island Food Bank accepts either money or donations of canned goods as an entry fee.

According to the food bank, in the last couple years, they’ve received about 2,000 pounds of food per year from the event.

That amount might go up as the Lions increased the canned food entry fee from three cans to four this year.

“We do ask that people pay at least $5 and any donation above that is appreciated because it really does fill the food coffers,” Myers said. “We felt that raising it to four and it will at least get almost a $5 value out of four cans.”

The Lions will be selling nachos, burgers and hotdogs as well as water and soft drinks.

People can bring their own drinks, but they must be in non-glass containers.

Buses run every half hour from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., leaving the Harbormasters Office downtown on the half hour and leaving the fairgrounds on the hour.

Warm August Nights begins at 7 p.m. and ends at 12:45 a.m. Cost is $5 or four cans of food. Pets are not allowed. 

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