Blustery conditions on Sunday at Salonie Creek Rifle Range tested shooters in a benchrest centerfire match. 

Participation and scores were both lower than usual in the weekly competition. Organizer Mike Kerwood said gust reached as high as 29 miles per hour, impacting the trajectory of the bullet. 

He said there are apps available that compete wind correction angle for the shooters. However, nobody on Sunday was using that technology. 

“The wind was changing too quickly, both in intensity and direction, for even a computer to cope with,” Kerwood wrote in an email to the Daily Mirror. 

Kerwood noted that Sunday’s shooters used the Kentucky windage method — an adjustment made to correct for wind by aiming at a point horizontal to the target’s position in the sight. 

For example, if the center circle of the target is a clock, and the last bullet impacted at 3 o’clock and 2 inches right, then a shooter would aim at 9 o’clock and 2 inches left, Kerwood wrote. 

“It’s not always a rewarding experience,” he wrote. “A determination then has to be made if it was the wind that made the miss or shooting skills.” 

Kerwood posted the top score of the week, taking the second relay with 244 points, while Bob White grabbed the first relay with 242 points. Both hit the bullseye six times. 

The next rimfire match is Sunday, with the range being closed for the match from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The pistol range is open during that time. 



First relay

1. Bob White, 242 points (6 bullseyes); 2. Mike Kerwood, 241 (5); 3. Erik Berggren, 237 (1); 4. Andy Finke, 225 (2). 

Second relay

1. Mike Kerwood, 244 (6); 2. Velma Vining, 237 (3); 3. Erik Berggren, 212 (0). 

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