Bixby Wellington Bonney (Bix)

Bixby Wellington Bonney (Bix) passed away peacefully on November 5, 2022, at Providence Hospital in Kodiak after a lengthy battle with dementia.  Born on January 27, 1928, in Seattle Washington, Bix was the eldest son of Lyle and Miriam Bonney. After graduating high school in Seattle, Bix joined the Navy and served honorably until he was discharged after World War II. He then went on to attend college at Western Washington University and the University of Washington, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. In 1952, while attending college, Bix met and married Patricia (Pat) Keithley, with whom he had six children: Tara Dawn (Tara), born in 1952 in Bellingham, Washington; Rory Scott (Scott), born in 1954 in Ketchikan, Alaska; Shawn Tuckness (Tuck), born in 1956 in Ketchikan, Alaska; Kirk Lyle (Kirk), born in 1958 in Everett, Washington; Miriam Lura (Mimi), born in 1960 in Sitka, Alaska; and Torrence Lane (Torr), born in 1965 in Kodiak Alaska.