Many of us are pretty protective of our berry patches. But if you come across Sharon Major, don’t worry about revealing the whereabouts of your secret stash. It’s not likely that she will grab the nearest bucket and race to that favorite site.

Rev. David Baldukas, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Kodiak, has gone from one island adventure to another. He and his wife, Lisa, an emergency room nurse, came here from French Island in Wisconsin. 

In 1985, I wrote a Mother’s Day article for the Kadiak Times, asking local residents what they appreciated most in their mothers. Julia Naughton honored her mother Christina Lukin for teaching her the importance of promptness, especially at meal time. She also taught her daughter how to cook…

Long-time Kodiak resident Rosabel Baldwin has become somewhat of a legend in the region of Ryazan, Russia, which is the location of the city of Kadom. One of the local poets, Andrei Kruchkov, has written a poem — set to music — about her.

Crab Festival 2021 is now history. At least it registered in the history books, unlike last year when in-person Crab Festival was largely canceled — a casualty of the COVID crisis. This year’s traditional welcome to summer went on as planned, in spite of rainy, windy weather. Food booths wer…

Eli Griffin has been a familiar face and voice in local theater productions. He endeared audiences to him in “Les Miserables” and “Tarzan.” He was a boy in those days. But now he’s a young man with a vision: He seeks to share the Gospel.

April has been designated as National Donate Life Month. It also is the month in which the Protestant and Catholic West acknowledge Jesus Christ’s voluntary suffering and death, and celebrate His glorious resurrection.

When people die, they take their stories with them,” someone told me. But fortunately, some, such as Kathryn Chichenoff, shared their stories while they were fresh in their minds. The other day I was delighted to hear the voices of Kathryn and other departed elders who had been interviewed b…

It can get pretty rowdy at Oceans Church United on a Wednesday night. But it’s a good kind of noise. Youngsters, from middle schoolers to high schoolers, engage in high-energy activities that are part of Oceans’ Anchor Youth program.

It won’t be too long before patrons of Monk’s Rock will be able to enjoy their cappuccino and pastries in the haven of the coffee shop, which has been closed due to church holidays, reorganization of merchandise and the usual annual staff winter break.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way teachers teach and students learn. Online classes have become the normal means of educating. But this distance learning has its advantages, said Fr. Vasilly Fisher, acting dean of St. Herman’s Theological Seminary

Christmas. All the amenities of domestic life converge during this season of “peace on earth, good will toward men”: gift giving, great food, beautiful music and family gatherings.

The names Teacon, Masha, Ephrezenia, Lazon and Davis may not mean a great deal to most of our readers. But if you’re from Akhiok, they are part of your genealogy, your historical narrative and culture.

When we leave this world to enter the Afterlife, we will be remembered by our character, our values, by how we treated others. His Eminence, Archbishop David Mahaffey, spiritual leader of the Orthodox Church in America’s Alaska Diocese, was fondly remembered by his flock this past week follo…

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National attention has been riveted on the presidential election these past two weeks. This preoccupation with politics reminded me that Kodiak Island, although not a campaign stop, has been visited by presidents or their staffers, as well as a presidential hopeful.

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What would we do without King’s Diner? When we reached the peak of the coronavirus restrictions, people worried that Eleanor King, the diner’s proprietor, would be forced to close down. But Eleanor, like other restaurateurs, circumvented the negative impact of the COVID shutdowns by offering…

She spent years as a classroom and home-school teacher, and now Sena Rogers is overseeing the academic and spiritual training of young minds at the Kodiak Christian School. Rogers is the school’s new principal, replacing Katherine Baquero who resigned last year.

We’re in the season of change. Darkness comes earlier and light is delayed. Kids are back in school. Salmon fishermen have put away their gear, and crab fishermen are preparing to head south in pursuit of king crab, a fishery that has been closed on Kodiak Island since 1983.

You’ve probably seen him on “Deadliest Catch,” blurting the lines of limericks and other poems while working on the deck of a fishing boat. Or you’ve most likely read or heard his poetry at a memorial service paying homage to a beloved community member who had passed. 

He was tall; he was gentle; and he loved to be a part of Kodiak, especially the wilderness.  Now that Larry Amox Sr. has departed this life for the Great Adventure in the Hereafter, those who loved him are left with the memories of his friendliness and the stories he told.