Every person has been made with a purpose. We all have a mission. We have a mission which is common to all mankind and then we have a mission which is personally unique. The mission that we have in common is the call to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. The personal mission has to do with the works which He has prepared for us individually to do.

Some of us can wonderfully manage a home and raise children of character. Some of us have the uncanny ability to solve engineering problems. Some have the unique ability of catching salmon in huge seine nets. Some of us can speak in ways that inspire and encourage. Others of us can break down, teach and solve complex educational problems. And still others can lead, organize and manage people.

Each one of us have received a touch from our Maker to make a positive influence upon our world.

In this video we journey back to Kodiak Island in Alaska, to the place where I was born and raised. It was a place on Mission Road. On Mission Road I began to get a glimpse my unique gifting. And now, with each chapter which the Good Lord has allowed me to step into, His mission for me continues.

May we all continue to step into the mission which the Lord has laid upon our hearts to seek after. As always, if you have a friend who would benefit from these videos please share and remind them to SUBSCRIBE so that they can receive them each week.

Have a wonderful week my friends!

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