Walking the Cliff Point Estates on Kodiak Island in Alaska, I was reminded of the sacrifice involved, the development required and the benefits/fruit which which should come from such an investment.

When one makes a purchase of one of these plots on Cliff Point, a huge sacrifice will have to be made. In order for possession to take place, the land will need to be bought with a price.

In similar fashion, there has been something much more valuable that has been bought with a price. What is more valuable is the souls of mankind. Our lives, which is more precious than silver, gold or a plot of land has been bought by the One who made us.

Jesus made the sacrifice for us. He gave His life for us. He gave so that we could live. He gave us new life, He washed our sins away and He gave us eternal life which begins now. With His sacrifice, we are no longer our own. We have been bought with a price.

Like a new plot must be developed after being purchased, we too need to be developed. Our spiritual house needs to grow.

May we all turn our hearts heavenward this day and allow Him to develop us. May we all bear the fruit of the spirit which symbolizes our new lives in Him.

Have a great day and week my friends.

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