While fishing out of Kodiak Alaska, I dropped my Gopro down in a spot where we'd been catching lots of good Lingcod and Rockfish. I could see this large lump covered with fish on the fishfinder, and I figured it to be a rocky reef like many others in the area. Imagine my surprise when I checked the footage at the end of the day and found that there was clearly a shipwreck down there, one of some substantial size???

It appeared to be fairly new, as the debris field at the start of the clip showed some white plastic hoses, like what you would see on a commercial fishing vessel, so maybe 20-40 years old? The overall structure didn't seem to be too far gone either, not rusted away from the saltwater. As for size, I think that it was probably close to a hundred feet long, but without more footage it's impossible to say.

The depth was about 160 feet down, which is diveable with special tank mixtures. I'm going to keep this exact location in mind, and someday return and dive on it! What do you think? What kind of boat, how big, how old do you think it is? Let me know in the comments!

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