Kathryn L. Chichenoff

Kathryn L. Chichenoff

Kathryn L. Chichenoff died peacefully at home on Jan. 29, 2021. She will be laid to rest Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021, at Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Cathedral at 2 p.m., with repast following at the American Legion

Kathryn was born Dec. 1, 1937, to Larry and Katie Ellanak in Karluk, Alaska. Kathryn lived in Karluk and later moved to Ouzinkie, Alaska. Kathryn met her lov, Sonny Chichenoff, at school dances. History began May 19, 1957, when Alexis and Kathryn Chichenoff, Jr. wed and started their lives in Afognak until they moved to Kodiak in later years of 1958. Their family continued to grow and they raised their seven children in a wonderful fulfilled life!

Kathryn was a full time wife and mother! She tried working once in a cannery but her husband heard and came in from fishing and told her nope her place was at home with the kids! She was a devout Orthodox Christian! She raised her seven children with the same beliefs as she was raised with! Holidays in our household were special. We celebrated ours twice sometimes —  one on American holidays and others on Russian holidays! The house was decorated beautifully during all occasions! Little bit for American but all out for Russian holidays!

Our dad was a fisherman so times he was going to be gone for longer times. The house would be stocked so mom didn’t have to go to store since she never learned to drive. Growing up cab rides was an adventure for us since where ever we went it was walking!! I don’t know when or how my dad did it but our summers were filled with picnics and plenty of out-the-road rides!

Later years in her life she spent summers at the Dig Afognak camps, teaching people her native ways of living and speaking her culture! Kathryn belonged to part of the Aleut language program. She loved to share her way! There was a different dialect on different sides of the island, she made sure you knew her side! She was great for saying  “Aleuts don’t complain they just do.” She would tell us she couldn’t speak unless spoken to! To be able to teach and share her life experiences is something her family is proud of and her accomplishments are a part of recorded history!!

The Belle of the ball dances were so much fun and an honor to be able to attend and dance with my momma there! She loved to dress up and dance the night away! She always said its not a dance unless I’m there! If there was a function she attended it!

Sonny and Kathryn raised their family with love, religion, and pride in being together! They celebrated 63 years of marriage together before Sonny’s passing in Aug. 2020. She wanted to make sure the world knew! I would say “yes mom the world knew of your love.”

Kathryn is preceded in death by her husband Alexis Sonny Chichenoff, Jr. and their daughter Lori A. Ogle. She leaves behind her children Michael Chichenoff, Robert and Sandy Chichenoff, Keith Chichenoff, Melodi and Davey of Ouzinkie, Selma and Mike Mckee and Tammy and Tom Grinaker of Anchorage, along with her sisters Tania Chichenoff, Lily Pestrikoff and Angeline Campfield of Ouzinkie as well as their 43 grandchildren, great grands and a great great!

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