Paul Richard Harder

Paul Richard Harder

Former Kodiak resident Paul Richard Harder died unexpectedly at home in Hawaii on December 13 of a heart attack. Paul was born in Seattle to Ole and Mary Harder on August 22, 1951. A 1969 KHS graduate, he was honored as Athlete of the Year. He was a standout on the basketball court with a great vertical. Paul also competed in Track and Field and created a sensation at the State Track meet the year he volunteered to hurdle, despite having never run them. While his lack of technique amused every coach, they stopped laughing when he placed third.

Paul started fishing with his father Ole at 12. They were shipwrecked four days his first season, but that experience didn’t deter him. Paul worked as a Teamster during the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, where he met his first wife. Together they had a daughter, Jawea, in 1980. He used his Teamster earnings to purchase his first boat. A successful salmon fisherman, Paul fished in Kodiak, Prince William Sound, and Chignik. In his earlier years he also participated in the shrimp, crab and herring fisheries. One of his Kodiak seining highlights was making a set with over 40,000 pounds of red salmon. He plugged his boat and had to radio his dad to pick up the remaining 20,000 pounds. He taught his craft of commercial fishing to his son, Storm, born in 1990 with his second wife. 

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