Anjuli Grantham

Kodiakan Anjuli Grantham is a finalist for ArtPlace America’s 2016 National Creative Placemaking Fund, according to a Tuesday announcement from ArtPlace.

The program is considering 80 projects for a total of $10.5 million. ArtPlace reviewed 1,361 applications.

Grantham proposed working with a multidisciplinary team of artists and community partners to reconsider a portion of Kodiak as an industrial arts district to address maritime workforce concerns. The project will bring the arts to processing workers and fishermen along Shelikof Street and the St. Paul Harbor.

“The vision of the project is to work with visual and performing artists, businesses, the city and our maritime workforce to honor the work that transpires in the industrial heart of Kodiak and make improvements to make it a better place to work and spend time,” she said. “This is a time of transition along the waterfront, with the greying of the fleet, consolidation of seafood processing plants, and the ongoing challenge within the maritime sector to recruit and retain skilled employees. This project will use arts and culture as a means to consider these issues and make Kodiak a place that people want to live and work.”

Project partners include the Sunaq Tribe, Kodiak Maritime Museum and Kodiak Arts Council.

Grantham said the project could include up to five art installations and murals on business walls. She welcomes feedback and support from the community.

As the next step in ArtPlace’s process, Grantham will complete more extensive application materials and schedule a site visit with an ArtPlace staff member and a national peer expert for this summer. ArtPlace will convene these peer experts for an in-person panel meeting this fall and will then announce the final in December.

Grantham is a writer and consulting public historian who specializes in projects related to coastal community culture. She is the director of the Alaska Historic Canneries Initiative for the Alaska Historical Society.

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