A very small king crab in search of suitable habitat.

It is good to break one’s routines occasionally and go traveling to get a different perspective. After a long stretch of COVID-related travel restrictions, it is now once again possible, though still rather uncomfortable, to travel abroad. After three long years of communicating with loved ones only through text messages, emails and phone calls I just spent two weeks in Germany to visit with my family. Though the fear and images of the war in Ukraine are on everyone’s mind, Germany presented itself thriving, and I left with a feeling of gratitude and relief having verified that my family is doing just fine.

While the images from that Germany trip are still fresh in my mind I am looking forward to my next project, in which I will create teaching materials related to climate change and the northward migration of species in the Bering Sea. In biology and fisheries management, the question arises, which species will be able to adjust to and survive under the new conditions of a changing climate. Will these animals be able to find their new niche and be integrated into a new ecosystem, and how will those species that are there adapt to the newcomers? Climate related migrations of marine animals and conflict related migrations of people: are there any parallels?

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