Kodiak Daily Mirror - Floating club hits hiccup within days of opening
Floating club hits hiccup within days of opening
by Peter J Mladineo
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Inside the Wild Alaskan (file photo)
Inside the Wild Alaskan (file photo)
After a hiccup in his foray into the world of floating adult entertainment, Wild Alaskan owner Darren Byler breathed a sign of relief.

“We’re opening Tuesday night at 8 p.m.,” owner Darren Byler told the Mirror.

The U.S. Coast Guard temporarily suspended from operations the seaborne adult entertainment charter bar that floats in Dog Bay, accessible to patrons by water taxi, two days after its initial opening.

The Coast Guard cited the business for overcrowding and required it to get additional life rafts for guests and crew.

“The reason that they got shut down was that the Coast Guard was notified that they were overloaded on one of their water taxis. The water taxis can only carry six personnel,” said Lt. Sarah Lovette, head of the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Detachment.

“They thought it was fine, that part of that ten was crew. We did some educating, and I think we’re good to go,” Lovette added.

Byler maintains that some more controversial things happened ashore.

“There was a dog and pony show in the city parking lot with State Troopers, city cops, undercover cops, Coast Guard. It was just overkill, it really was. Unfortunately it gave the community the impression that there was something really serious happening out here, when in fact nothing serious happened,” he said.

“They just didn’t know who was crew and who was on the vessel as passengers. What’s really upsetting is the rumor got around that my landing craft captain was drinking and he ran into the dock. None of that’s true.”

The Coast Guard downplayed last Friday’s events, and lauded Byler for his handling of it.

“The owners have been very, very cooperative. They helped immensely. They are upset that they had to shut down because I know that the rumors have started quite a bit… It wasn’t a raid. It didn’t have anything to do with alcohol or drugs or anything like that. It was just the Coast Guard,” Lovette said.

Owner Darren Byler reports he spent more than $100,000 on Wild Alaska and runs it as a charter that costs guests $20 per hour after 8 p.m. when the strippers take the stage.

He hopes that the onstage dancers, which he brings in from California and Nevada are not the only attractions to gain attention inside the boat.

He calls the Wild Alaska “the most beautiful bar on the island,” pointing to its wooden trim, its leather seats and its posh sizzle.

“This isn’t a bar on the water. This is an entertainment charter. That’s very important. We are a bona fide charter accepted by the Coast Guard,” he said.

Byler, 53, a former crabber and longtime Kodiak resident, knew that opening the club was not going to be easy.

“There are always going to be some people that look down on this type of entertainment but, it’s just business, people, it’s nothing personal. And by the way, this business has been around for a while. I didn’t invent this. This is what we’re doing, and we’re doing it legally,” he said.

“This is a clean operation. All of my employees including my entertainers take drug tests. There’s no illegal activity whatsoever we’d just like the community to feel comfortable with that,” Byler added.

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