Derek Clarkston

I’m back. 

You probably didn’t even realize I was gone. Kudos to Drew Herman for doing such a bang-up job while I played taxi driver to 11 teenage baseball players in Anchorage.

I’m now ready for a vacation to recoup from vacation. 

The dogs — Gizmo and Pepper Jack — certainly knew I was gone. They missed their extended walks during the 10 days I was out-of-town finishing up the American Legion baseball season. 

This trip was a success because my eye did not swell up like a marshmallow. However, I found a disturbing rash on my leg, but I won’t gross you out with that. 

On this trip, I discovered teenage boys love shopping and playing Pokemon Go. The place we stayed at was a Poke stop and walking distance to the 5th Avenue Mall.

My players asked me to drive slow or make extra stops so they could catch a Bulbasaur. Players on opposing teams would walk around in the outfield before games trying to snag Venusaurs.

My boys also liked to eat, and eat they did. I was looking to shed some pounds since Simply Awesome Bakery closed, but that didn’t happen.

As for the baseball, we played eight games and finished the season with a 4-24 record. This was a good building block since nobody is aging out next season. I’m predicting Kodiak will be the 2018 Alaska Legion state champions. 

Now that local baseball is over, it’s time for Special Olympic bowling and high school sports, which have already kicked into gear — the first football game is next Friday. 

It seems like I never have any down time. 

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