Impressed. That’s the word that comes to mind when perusing posts on the Adjust Your Altitude — Kodiak Participants Facebook group. 

Hiking is not part of my daily routine. Walking on flat ground is. Seeing pictures and reading posts of Kodiakans scaling mountains is inspiring, but not inspirational enough to trek up Barometer. I tried that once, and it ended with me somersaulting down a muddy path and Lady Human laughing. 

With a free summer for the first time in seven years, I’ve widened my travel radius beyond the baseball field at Baranof Field. That is probably hard to believe for those who know me. Typically, I only make it past the bowling alley a few times a year, and that is only to partake in a cookie at Java Flats.

This summer, the Clarkston Zoo — minus the cat and the two ferrets — have covered the area from Monashka to Pasagshak.

We’ve done a few moderately easy trails, including a 6-mile excursion at Termination Point and walking around Cape Chiniak. 

As impressed as I am with the people who complete the Discover Kodiak’s seven summit challenge (especially those who achieve the feat in less than 24 hours), I’ve been even more amazed by the motors of Pepper Jack and Cody. 

The low-riding pups dominated the Termination Point coastline trail. Neither of them stopped during the entire three — it might have been four — hour hike. They pulled their humans along the path, only allowing for a few seconds of rest, before their sniffers sent them in a different direction. 

We had hoped the walk would have tired Cody out, but that was not the case. He wanted to continue and was reluctant to be placed in his dog car seat — yes, Lady Human bought the dogs seats so they could be able to peer out the windows. 

Pepper Jack stays in his seat during durations of trips, while Cody prefers to visit other corners of the car. 

As the month creeps to the dog days of summer, we hope our adventurous spirits continue. One thing is certain, we will not be running up a mountain anytime soon. Instead, we will live through the explorations of others. 

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